Wednesday, 24 July 2013 05:54

Renren (RENN) tie up with Flurry to boost mobile games

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Renren announced that its Games division entered into a partnership with Flurry Inc., a provider of analytics and monetization services for mobile devices. Flurry’s analytics capabilities will provide app developers on Renren Games’ platform with visibility into how users are engaging with games through stats like active users, player retention, and in-app events. In addition to analytics, Flurry will also provide access to AppSpot, its monetization platform, and Ader, one of the largest mobile ad networks in China, according to the release.

From an app developer’s perspective, analytics data could be significant – understanding how players play their games may enable more intelligent product development and improved user experience. In a similar vein, AppSpot may help developers make monetization more effective and less intrusive for users. According to the release, Flurry collects data on about one third of global app usage sessions, which gives it an edge in understanding consumer activity on mobile devices. Flurry uses this data to help AppSpot users serve highly relevant ads which result in higher conversions (a goal like a click or purchase) than typically seen in the industry.

If the collaboration between Flurry and Renren Games develops as per the press release, app developers may see benefits from using Renren Games’ platform. Using Flurry analytics, developers may be able to improve overall game quality and user experience. AppSpot may help show more ads which are relevant to users; boosting ad revenue while minimizing the negative effects of ads intruding into a game which are irrelevant to the player.

Renren Games contributes a significant portion of the company’s business, over 40% of total FY2010-2012 revenues, so if the partnership with Flurry helps game developers, it is a net positive for Renren. According to the release, the integration will be completed by the end of 2013 with more enhancements and features available in early 2014.